"Africa is a serious market for us"

2 min read published on 20 June 2022

The African market is really starting to take off for us, there are a lot of opportunities in terms of automation and training. After all, we don't just sell equipment, we also spread our knowledge."


Peter-Bart Lichtenbeld, Regional Sales Director at Vencomatic Group, is responsible for sales and marketing in Africa. He works together in the region with his colleague and Area Sales Manager Pim van Hooff: "At the moment the economic growth in Africa is considerable. There is a lot of demand for animal protein, local production cannot keep up in some areas and prices are high. This makes several African countries dependent on imports, but the local production should get more attention. We can help with that, of course."


So lots of opportunities in Africa?

Pim responds: "Note that Africa is not one country with one culture. Each African country is different, for example in terms of market and politics. For example, some African countries have introduced taxes on the import of chicken meat, so local producers get a better chance. It creates a complete local supply chain, resulting in more jobs, knowledge, and a better wealth division. It’s even good for the environment, as we are not transporting meat all over the place anymore."

Peter-Bart adds: "It's not just about selling equipment in Africa, but also about spreading our knowledge. For example, we as Vencomatic Group in Tanzania are involved in the 'Cluster project Kukua na Kuku'in Kilacha. This is an important project for the country, to share and receive knowledge from Dutch companies working in the poultry chain. Seven Dutch private companies, together with organizations such as the NABC, the Dutch Embassy, and the Tanzanian training center Kilacha, started two demo houses: for laying hens and broilers. We provided the equipment and gave training, for example on managing mechanical laying nests and broiler pan systems. It was great to do this live and locally again!"

"In South Africa, we are now actively working with a new dealer: Vencomatic South Africa. One of their first Prinzen projects is at a major hatchery called Keystone in Howick. After being candled and weight, the eggs are placed point-down in a Linco 90 setter tray. All parties are very satisfied with this custom-made hatchery line!”

Pim adds: "We are already very well known in the African broiler breeder market, especially with the larger companies. Not only because of the Van Gent nests, but also for the automatic feeding systems. We can help farmers with automated equipment, but we also supply nests for which you don't need electricity. Especially for the smaller stakeholders of course.”

"We have been very active in the northern part of Africa for many years now. There is a lot of automation in the broiler breeder sector for different reasons. One example is Algeria, where our nest is very popular because the bedding in the manual nests is so expensive. With automated nests, you don’t need litter in the nest so you save money. It’s a prime example of how every country is different, and it makes Africa very interesting. A continent where we will definitely grow with our customers to create a sustainable poultry future!"

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