Cage Free in Asia: three videos

1 min read published on 30 September 2021
cage free

As Vencomatic Group we like to share our knowledge about 'cage free' poultry. In the past few weeks, we were invited at virtual events in Asia.

Our colleague Simon McKenzie was invited to speak at the digital V-connect Exhibition on 23 September. On 17 September, our colleague Anne van den Oever spoke about 'cage free' at the Japanese 'Organic Expo'. Anne cooperated with professor Rodenburg, who gave a presentation about cage free housing systems.

Below you can find the three video's.

Video of Simon McKenzie at the V-Connect Exhibition



Video of Anne van den Oever about 'cage free' at the Organic Expo



Video of professor Rodenburg about 'cage free housing' at the Organic Expo




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