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From science to practice at Vencomatic: "Sharing knowledge is very logical".

2 min read published on 20 January 2022
Knowledge sharing

"I think it is important to share my knowledge, so that others can benefit from it. But also to make others enthusiastic and to show what is going on in our sector.”

Anne van den Oever is Researcher at Vencomatic Group, she is regularly invited to share her knowledge: "I notice that there is a lot of knowledge among practitioners that is not known at universities. I think the interaction between practice and theory is important, so this cooperation could be strengthened. I am happy to contribute to that."Do you want us to contact you about this subject?

How do you do that in practice?

"In December I had the opportunity to speak at x3D, a partnership of universities, colleges and a research centre focused on technology for animal welfare and health. They had organised a virtual 3D meeting focused on sensors in poultry farming, for which they were also looking for someone from the field. It started with a scientific presentation, and after me our customer Van Haandel told about his experiences with sensor technology. The audience was very diverse, both scientific and practical."

"I also had the opportunity last year to give a number of guest lectures to students, on on-farm hatching for example. At the Animal Sciences department in Wageningen, we were allowed to give a company presentation as part of an job application course, aimed primarily at future employees of course. And at an Innovation Fair organised by Veterinary students, I was allowed to give a presentation about my PhD research on the ideal nest for broiler breeders."

"There was also a virtual meeting in Japan in 2021 about the transition from cage systems to cage free, there I was asked to tell my story together with Professor Bas Rodenburg. The audience was large, but also very diverse."

What do we ourselves do in terms of knowledge sharing in this area?

"That is very varied. In Asia, we had two online meetings with breeding companies where I explained my PhD research. But I also regularly get to share my knowledge at internal sessions, emphasising the importance of keeping the health and welfare of the chicken at the centre of our developments and products."

"I was recently invited to sit at the table of a kind of talk show studio in Eindhoven. At a meeting of the Healthy Livestock project, I talked about how we contribute to a reduction in the use of antibiotics in the poultry sector. We do this by developing better conditions for the animals, for example thanks to on-farm hatching, or by detecting abnormalities early with the help of our Meggsius products. It was quite a large meeting, with 130 online participants from 61 countries. A great opportunity to show that we at Vencomatic not only do a lot with knowledge, but also share a lot of knowledge."

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