"I like watching the birds move around in our barns, you can see that they are doing well"

2 min read published on 13 September 2021
Pascal Reinholz

"I've always enjoyed being involved in layer management. My career started in this market. It is important to me that the animals have a good life. Vencomatic Group's products guarantee this."

Pascal Reinholz is Vencomatic Group's new Area Sales Manager in northern Germany. He has been active in the layer market for many years. Pascal is particularly interested in free-range management: "I like to help poultry farmers who have specialized in it, or are planning to do so. It's great to see the birds pecking outside ."Do you want us to contact you about this subject?

What is your role at Vencomatic Group?

"I'm in field sales, responsible for northern Germany: Everything, above the A44. I visit our customers there to talk about their project and their thoughts. Sometimes I visit them with other farmers who are interested in our product. It is good when farmers share their experience of keeping laying hens with other customers."

"I also notice that farmers like to talk to each other, want to learn from each other and are proud of their farms. These conversations are a great help to us, and I often bring back a gift as a thank you ."

"In between customer visits, I work in my office in Vechta to prepare offers and get in touch with our customers. My working day has gone well when our customers have been able to form a positive and complete opinion of our products and the Vencomatic company. It is important that our customers are satisfied. If they're satisfied, I know we've done our job well."

How do you help new customers?

"When a farmer is interested in our products, I visit them to gather information about their needs. The next step is usually to visit a farm with a Vencomatic system to show how everything works in practice and which options are available for that specific customer ."

"If they are interested in certain products, I make an initial drawing and then a quotation. If that's accepted, our colleagues in Eersel turn it into a project. The project can take a few months - often depending on the building permit."

Your career started in poultry?

"Yes, I have always worked in the laying hen sector. My family has a mobile chicken coop manufacturing business. I helped for a few years and before that I was an installation supervisor for a small aviary manufacturer. Now I work for the Vencomatic Group."

"My education is very broad: trained as an electrician with further training as a certified business economist. Because of my background, it was logical for me to specialize in the layer market. I have never regretted it. The first months at Vencomatic Group were also very positive. I had a good start. There is a warm and familiar working atmosphere. I felt very welcome and all colleagues are very helpful."

"Covid-19 did not really make it difficult for me to start. I have my office at home and we keep our distance when visiting customers. Most farmers have no trouble with visits as long as we follow the rules. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon! I really like the job."

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