Internship at Vencomatic Group: Bringing out the best in the student

1 min read published on 10 December 2019

Seven years ago I was given the challenge of improving the supervision of interns within the Vencomatic Group. I started to map everything and together with my colleagues we started to process current issues into internship assignments. Every six months we evaluate the assignments, experiences of the students and the experiences of the internship supervisors within the Vencomatic Group. In this way we can critically assess each other and we can get the best out of ourselves and the student. I also spend a lot of time on strengthening contacts with educational institutions. The Summa college asked me about photos for a meter-sized photo canvas in the hall of the school, in order to emphasize the collaboration. When I attend the Summa college, I remain proud of "our" photo canvas on the wall of fame.

Apply for internshipWe now receive more than 200 applications per year for internships and graduation assignments from students of the most diverse programs and levels. More and more often, students contact us early - sometimes more than a year before the internship - to get a place. Every year we place around 25 students.

Many colleagues have been committed in recent years to the way in which we train students today. Every intern has a practical trainer who supports them professionally. In addition, the student is challenged to work on their personal development by drawing up a development plan that includes both professional and personal learning objectives. We also regularly attend business days at educational institutions where we give (future) students and their parents explanations about the (internship) possibilities of various study programs in the business world. During these conversations I realize again and again how unique our way of coaching is and what we achieve with it!

I am very happy to have received this challenge and I am extremely proud of our practical trainers who transfer their professional knowledge and experience to our future colleagues every day. It remains great to see how students develop themselves in the time they work here, particularly if they discover for themselves what they like and dislike and thereby give direction to their own future. Students who call you months after the internship to tell you that they are only now realizing what the internship at Vencomatic Group has meant for them, is the best compliment you can get as a company!

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