Vencomatic Nest Condor

Options on our breeder products: Each region has different wishes, customs and needs

2 min read published on 10 February 2022
Vencomatic Nest Condor

Every part of the world has different ideas how to keep broiler breeders, that is what makes it so fascinating. We want to adapt our products locally, to meet that need. What is best in Europe may not be so in other parts of the world. That is why options are very important, for instance on the Vencomatic Nest Condor.

The Condor nesting system is based on a manual nesting concept that has been known for years, in terms of use and management. The basis consists of two rows of manual nest blocks divided over the house, which is quite common on hot climate areas. The Condor nest concept is actually a summary of the advantages of the manual nest concept, but with the innovations of today: two rows of automatic community nest that can be winched up.

Because the wishes and needs of customers in different regions are so different, we have a number of options. There is not electricity everywhere, or the electricity supply is not reliable. Then you have to come up with smart solutions.

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The concept of the Vencomatic Nest Condor

The Condor is our winchable nest: you can winch it up with cables connected to the roof construction, and when the nest is on its legs positioned, the entire litter area can be used by the birds. This is completely different from the European concept, where the community automatic nest is placed in the middle of the house, with a slat floor positioned on both sides.

With the Condor concept, it is possible to lower the nests to the ground in the early period of laying, making the nest very accessible, which minimizes floor eggs. Later, when the nests are winched up to a certain height, all animals get access to 100% litter floor area, which is very beneficial for fertilization. During the emptying period, the nest system can be winched up completely, so that the cleaning and disinfection of the nests and the house can be done thoroughly and quickly. Operational costs are thus reduced.

Possibilities to adjust the nest concept

In the picture below, you see the possible options. Top left you see the nest floor. As there is not electricity everywhere, you can close it manually per block in the evening and open it in the morning. On the bottom left you can see possible drive units to get the eggs out of the house: manually (with a crank or drill), automatically with a motor or connected to the Vencobelt.


At the top right the possibilities of the winch system are described, here you can also choose automatic, manual or with a drill machine on the crank. With 'egg belt drive winchable' we mean that you can disconnect the egg belt drive, so that it does not go up with the winch. This is important when the partition between the front area and the animal area is not removable.

LED lighting under the system is also an option: in curtain houses, there is a curtain in the side wall that opens and closes for ventilation, so there is always sufficient daylight to prevent shadows. In a closed house, however, the walls are closed and you need more artificial light. In this type of houses, the lighting under the nest ensures that there is less shadow. The 'slat' is also optional: we deliver with a plastic slat as standard, but you can leave it out and place your own wooden perches in front of it.

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