Palletiser in practice: "We are proud of our sustainability award" [CASE]

1 min read published on 3 February 2021
happy ei

"We are a transparent company. For example, we have a reception room at one of our locations where we regularly receive different kind of groups: from governments to senior citizens' associations and from municipalities to neighbourhood associations."

Henk Stals owns Happy Ei poultry farm with his brother. Before Corona started, he regularly had people visiting: "Until March 2020, a group came by once or twice a month. We are also in a school project and work with people with distance to the labour market. In 2016 we were therefore chosen as the most socially responsible company in this region, we are very proud of that." Do you want us to contact you about this subject?

You have your own approach?

"Indeed. Our goal is to make the business chain as short as possible. We make the feed for the chickens in house, we dry the manure ourselves and have it converted into pallets. For the rearing we rent houses, which we fill ourselves. We want to keep a good feeling about everything.

"Happy Ei is the brand name for our eggs, as we market some of them ourselves. We have three locations, partly free-range and partly houses. We sell our eggs there via vending machines, but we also supply some to the catering industry. We produce one and a half million eggs per week, thanks to Prinzen's automation we can do that with a small group of employees."

How did you come across Prinzen?

"Three years ago we bought a company that worked with a Prinzen Speedpack, which was our first experience with Prinzen. I immediately had a good feeling about it, so I had a Prinzen Smartpack installed at another location in 2019, it picks up 30 eggs at a time. That machine is also great to work with, even better than other suppliers if I am honest."

"The palletiser is also very good, even above expectations. Our regular employee at the location is always very critical and usually has a lot of prejudices, but he is super enthusiastic. It really saves us money on labour, I haven't worked out how much, haha. But nobody has to leave, I'll find other work for my employees." 

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