Project management: Keep the train on the track

1 min read published on 18 August 2020
Joost Winters

Projects in the poultry sector are often extensive and a lot happens. No big problem, if you can predict what will happen. Unfortunately this is not always possible and makes the job of a Project Leader dynamic. What can we expect and how can we best prepare ourselves? That is the challenge we face in the projects department of Vencomatic Group. Do you want us to contact you about this subject?

About 15 years ago Vencomatic Group started working with a Project Management department. This to have one person in charge of both the internal colleagues and the customer. The way of working became much clearer and especially for customers and our dealers the lines of communication are short, even in a growing organization. Since 2009 I joined this department and we have been able to realize many great projects with the team.

The nice thing about this job is that as a Project Leader you're involved from the first sketch until the system is ready to receive the birds properly. In this way we know what is happening from the start and can support sales as soon as a customer has serious interest. That is one of the strong points in this process. Knowing what is happening from the start makes it much easier to keep the project under control. During quoting a lot is possible, as soon as we start production, it becomes increasingly strict. That's why preparation and involvement from the start is so important. Put the train on the right track, and keep it there. That ultimately makes the project successful with a satisfied customer!

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