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2 min read published on 30 September 2022
Bas Liebregts

"A Product Manager's working day is never the same, it can vary from a day at the office to visiting a customer in France to talk through new concepts. Or flying to Australia to visit customers and pick up their user experiences. But I also regularly consult with R&D colleagues about developing new products or improving them."

Bas Liebregts is Product Manager at Vencomatic Group. He has a technical background, not an agricultural one: "I studied HTS Mechanical Engineering, so not an agricultural education. My parents-in-law are farmers, but I didn't really grow up on a farm myself."

How long have you been working here?

"I've been working at Vencomatic for about 12 years now, I came in here through Ruud v.d. Heijden. I had started at another company after graduating, after a few years Ruud asked if I wouldn't like to come and work at Vencomatic because there were a lot of vacancies there. I went into this openly and came for an interview, the company appealed to me and I was able to start immediately."

"I started at the Project Department, after two years I moved to the Product Management Department and I am still there. Besides my job, I am also doing a part-time Master in Management and Innovation course, which I have almost finished. It fits well with my job, but I also wanted to develop myself further, which is also encouraged by the organisation."

What does your job entail?

"I am responsible for the laying housing product range for table eggs, so including the entire product portfolio: the housing systems, egg packers, manure removal systems and also rearing systems. I define new products and product lines, manage those lines and keep them up-to-date. But following market developments, we also initiate research or developments that contribute to Vencomatic's mission."

"I really like the job, it's very diverse. The company is always evolving and my function and I evolve along with it. I don't like drudgery and like to be challenged. The best part is that we are working with customers. We are engaged in the market, we contribute to sustainability and animal friendliness."

What is it like to work here?

"Vencomatic Group is a great employer, where you get the space to do your own thing. You can be entrepreneurial in a big company. I work with nice colleagues, with whom I can get on very well during and possibly after work. It is a very nice culture, you get a lot of trust. The management is also accessible, it is not very hierarchical and you can walk in anywhere. Everyone is also willing to help you further."

"We also have a unique working environment here: a special and sustainable building in beautiful surroundings. That gives a completely different experience than an industrial building on a remote industrial estate. The company is a true global player in enabling sustainable food supply, a topic that will always remain relevant. That appeals to me a lot."

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