Breeder winner project of the year 2021

Vencotec - Greenfarm

Name: Greenfarm - ECO Air Care

Customer: Greenfarm - Ben Beerens

Country: Netherlands

Partner: Vencotec

VMG: Frank Bakermans

Products: ECO Air Care - LPR phase

ECO Aire Care (2) (1) ECO Aire Care (5) (1) ECO Aire Care (6) (1) Pondeuses JL Inc
ECO Aire Care (2) (1) ECO Aire Care (5) (1) ECO Aire Care (6) (1) Pondeuses JL Inc


Dutch and Belgium farmers are faced with challenges around reducing ammonia levels from their stable, putting pressure on their future. The current ECO Units were not able to solve this challenge, hence why VMG started the pioneering project to find a way to capture ammonia from the air. Installation was done in cooperation with Vencotec and Hobe who was responsible for the washing of the exhaust air.

Project success

The ECO Air Care captures ammonia from the air, which goes into a silo via the wash water. The nitrogen-containing water can substitute the chemically produced nitrogen fertilizer. It can be applied to the land, it’s a valuable product. The installation at Greenfarm is unique, as it is the very first revolutionary project with this type of ECO Unit in the world. First results show that nitrogen emissions on the farm are reduced by 90% on average, peaking at 98% when everything is optimal. Challenge is now to find more projects where we can confirm the results and help to steer the political discussions to achieve required changes in regulation around ammonia levels.

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