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“I chose the Vencomatic Gallery Single as it’s an excellent system for management."

Rowland Morris


Free-range laying hen farm

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“Innovation is key for us, so Vencomatic Group fits well”

Roberto Moraes Jardim Filho

Animal Production Director

São Salvador Alimentos

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"We have a good partnership with Vencomatic Group and together we build the most modern products. And I think we will be doing this for many years to come."

Piet Groot

Farm manager


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"The results have been great, both in the last flock and with this current flock. It's a great way to work, and we're expecting to achieve a high reduction in ammonia"

Arnaud Verbeek


Laying hen farm

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"We now have more time for the birds"

Matt Donald


Cleveland View

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"We make the supply chain as short as possible"

Henk Stals


Happy Ei

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"I'm not looking for a supplier, I'm looking for a partner with the same vision. And that is Vencomatic Group."

Pieter Smits


Bron van Energie

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"Prinzen leads the way and you can see that especially at the Ovograder"

Sander Vetker



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