Processing sheet metal is the core business of Vencosteel. A modern machine park of punching machines, press brakes and a laser machine fully matches the needs of the Group products.

Laser machine
The standalone laser machine is from the brand PrimaPower. It cuts metal from 1 mm to 6 mm. It is mainly used for products made of stainless steel (304) for Prinzen packers and our Agro Supply Clima units. The laser technique gives our constructors freedom in designing, because contours of products remain completely free.

Punching machines
Standalone punching machines are mainly used for Vencomatic products. By using two different punching techniques we give constructors more freedom in product design and maximise the material utilization efficiency.


Press brakes
To process the outcome of the laser and punching machines we have nine press brakes.

Press brake robot and roll former
A fully automated press brake robot and a roll former are used for bending large series of sheet metal.


Support operations

Besides our core business we have a number of supporting operations enabling us to produce the complete package of metal parts needed.

At the machining division we produce complete products by using several machines. Throughout our complete line of products we use axles that transfer power from the engine. These axles are mostly produced by Vencosteel.

Turning and milling
There are four milling machines, two turning machines and one milling-turning combination. The relatively simple products are programmed at the machine to be able to quickly switch. The more complex products are programmed by (use of a) computer.

Within Vencosteel we use Tig-welding for the stainless steel parts that are mainly used for Prinzen packers and MIG/MAG welding for steel parts used for Vencomatic systems. Furthermore we have two MIG/MAG welding robots to produce large series.

At the clinch division we produce the backwalls of the Vencomatic laying nests. The backwalls are made of polypropylene which are clinched to metal profiles. The clinching machine uses a push-through technique in which the metal parts are pressed together, where the polypropylene is interposed and clamped. To perform this operation Vencosteel has two custom made machines.