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'Think ahead with poultry people'

Seit 40 Jahren bietet die Vencomatic Group Lösungen in den Bereichen Aufstallung, Eierhandhabung und Klimakontrolle für jede Art von Geflügelstall.

Agustin Martin Ramos

Area Sales Manager

+34 (0)698437354

"Working together to do a best poultry sector"

Aitor Larrabe

Area Sales Manager

+34 (0)660731629

"I am third generation of a family business dedicated to laying poultry."

Alex Welbergen

Poultry Specialist

+31 (0)650939688

Cristiano Alves

Poultry Specialist

+55 (0)19998143872

David Yang

National Sales & Technical Service Manager China

+86 (0)13371386169

"Think about how to produce more and highest quality eggs with you together! We are on the road supplying the best solution and creating most profit in your company with more sellable eggs and less cost."

Edwin Vaags

Business Development Manager

+31 (0)651845625

Felipe Reis

Supervisor of Regional Sales Southeast, North and Northeast of Brasil

+55 (0)19998146586

"I develop projects bringing performance and high technology to our customers."

Frank Bakermans

Area Sales Manager the Netherlands and Belgium

+31 (0)633043430

"At Vencomatic we are on a mission to make poultry husbandry sustainable."

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