Red-L-(1) Red-L-(3) Red-L-(5)-card Red-L-drawing
Red-L-(1) Red-L-(3) Red-L-(5)-card Red-L-drawing

Poultry housing: RED-L

RED-L is the abbreviation of Resting, Eating, Drinking and Laying. This poultry housing system design integrates these basic needs in a unique porch structure.

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Natural environment

Hens have full freedom and easily move from one level to another as they would do in a tree, following their natural instincts. The RED-L contains a large living surface within the system and a 100% availability of floor space. With its many tiers and open structure the RED-L offers:

  • full freedom for birds;
  • water, feed, nests and perches on multiple levels;
  • a maximum number of birds per house;
  • easy access on all sides and levels for the poultry manager.

The integration of Vencomatic nests on several tiers minimises the number of eggs laid outside the nest. Furthermore, the possibility to close off the scratching area upon arrival of the hens facilitates training and familiarization to their new surroundings. This leads to even better results and an easy to manage flock.

The nest is designed using smart Vencomatic innovations including the Vencomat, the tipping floor and the egg belt and can be extended with the Vencobelt and Vencoslat. With these innovations you collect your hatching eggs in perfect condition.

All systems are lighted with LED.

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Poultry housing: RED-L