Research and development

Our R&D is 'Stage Gate'

Ideas continuously flow into products at Vencomatic Group. Below we will tell you more about our 'stage gate' innovation process, with drawings of Renny van de Laar.

bird paradise

The Bird Paradise

Birds are at the centre of our innovation, our products will have to feel like paradise.


Our Product Managers

The product manager is the linchpin in the innovation process.

Although anyone can come up with ideas, it is also a task assigned to the product manager. 




Inno is the decision-making body of the Vencomatic Group and has control over the development budget. 

Inno is ultimately responsible for the innovation roadmap of the Vencomatic Group. The innovation roadmap shows how the short, medium and long term is monitored.


The Innovation Team

In multidisciplinary teams we go through the different phases of the process.

Research and development in poultry production

We’ve worked with thousands of farmers and companies, big and small.

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