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Research & development

From the very beginning we have been pushing the boundaries in the poultry industry, always at the forefront of innovation. It's not just what we do; it's who we are. Research and development are woven into our company's DNA.

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Think ahead with poultry people

Our approach is uncomplicated yet profound—dive deep, listen intently, and push beyond conventional limits. We're forward-thinkers who thrive at the frontier of innovation. With each challenge our customers and partners encounter, we listen, not just hear. Day by day, we're dedicated to delivering excellence, nurturing progress, and ensuring every solution is not just good, but groundbreaking. We draw on our expertise and passion, working meticulously to develop solutions that are at the forefront of meaningful advancements in poultry farming.

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Innovative drive

Research and development is a company-wide process. Where innovation is segmented into phases for clarity and focus. Each department brings its own unique perspective. While our R&D enthusiasts create the blueprint for a technical innovation, our bird experts quickly assess its impact on the  bird behaviour.

By weaving the insight of the entire company into the structure of our product development, we create solutions of unparalleled quality and create an innovative drive, which enables us to really think ahead with poultry people.


Our involvement in the OMELETTE project from 2023 until 2028.

Meggsius - OMELETTE

OptiMise and Extend hen Longevity to Expedite the Transition to susTainable Eggs.
To ensure a future-proof, sustainable and resilient egg production in North-West Europe (NEW), integrating hen longevity with animal health and welfare will become a vital necessity. We are proud to be involved in the OMELETTE project.

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