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A healthy climate will help your birds thrive, improving your yield!
Creating a healthy climate, a balanced combination between air temperature and air quality will help to deliver maximum results from your poultry. This is relevant no matter if you are raising broilers or housing layers.

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Agro Supply ECO Units are innovative heat exchangers with minimum ventilation, ideal to create an optimal climate at a constant level no matter the weather conditions outside. Our ECO Unit can truly help you save money and deliver you a higher yield.  We have seen at poultry farms across the globe how our ECO Units can help broiler farmers to save significant amounts of gas, up to 75%!  And how layer farmers can save an average of 6 grams of feed per bird, per day and gain 10* eggs per bird, per flock!!

* based on field studies with flock length of 73 weeks and 90-week-old hens 

Wondering how the ECO Unit works? 

The ECO Unit is a heat exchange with minimum ventilation. It uses the heat from the air being exhausted from the house to warm up the fresh air being brought in. The two airflows never mix so there is no risk of the old air being blown back in, or cross-contamination. 
Instead, the incoming and outgoing air pass over each other in a series of thin tubes, allowing the outgoing air to warm up the air coming in. The air actually travels through 1,325 of contact surfaces. 
By 'exchanging' the warm energy in this way, the new air entering the house creates far less cooling than a simple venting approach of letting outside air straight in. It can circulate up to 30.000m3 of air an hour per unit and has higher performance ratios vs smaller heat exchangers. In fact the process is so effective that it typically recovers 80% of te heat from the expelled air, which would otherwise be lost completely. The healthy air will also mean lower ammonia emissions and better litter quality. 

Do the maths yourself and see how much money this could save you!
Victor van Wagenberg
Victor van Wagenberg

Climate Expert

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See the differences between a poultry house with and without an ECO Unit. Experience all the benefits this climate solution offers and what improvements it will bring.

Save Feed
Animal welfare

Optimising feed consumption and egg yield for layers

It is crucial to understand your birds are using feed to heat up not only themselves but the entire house. During cold outside temperatures, they will consume even more feed. Costly business as up to 60% of each egg sold is made up of feed cost. 

Use the calculator and find out how an ECO Unit can help you save money on feed and get more eggs from your hens. Read more about saving on feed in the whitepaper.

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How to optimize feed consumtion?
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Save Gas
Save Gas

Important factors for optimal wellbeing of broilers and maximizing value

Check out our insights on how you can save a significant amount of money on your gas bill, up to 75% .

Learn how the ECO Unit can help to create perfect growing conditions for your broilers while saving you money! Fill in the Save Gas calulator and discover the payback period.

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What are the important factors for optimal wellbeing of broilers?
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Keen to understand more about the ECO unit?

Listen to Victor, product manager ECO Units explain how the ECO Unit works at a Dutch layer farm. 

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