Winner: broiler category

Rokkedahl Energi - Snorre Hellesvik

And voted by all global partners as the 2021 Golden Egg Award winner across the 3 categories broilers, breeders and layers. 

Name: Snorre Hellesvik Heatexchanger roof

Customer: Snorre Hellesvik

Country: Norway

Partner: Rokkedahl Energi, Anja Møller

VMG: Stef van der Heijden

Products: Clima+ 200 2,5M with heater and HSI tubes

Hellesvik 4 Hellesvik 3 HEllesvik 1 Snorre Hellesvik Heatexchanger roof
Hellesvik 4 Hellesvik 3 HEllesvik 1 Snorre Hellesvik Heatexchanger roof


This project was realized in close cooperation with Felleskjøpet in Norway. We are now able to use this project as a “showroom” demonstrating the installation to others. The customer’s aim was to get a good climate inside his new 2,500m2 broiler house while saving heating costs.

Project success

It is the first Norwegian project with an ECO unit installation over the roof. It already saves the customer 60% of his heating costs, and creates a very good climate in the house. The installation of the heater block in combination with the airflow works better than any other heat exchanger. It makes it unique as the customer didn’t need to invest in heating tubes inside the houses. The customer expressed several times that the service provided from all parties involved was excellent. He already sees improved results and is more than happy to show his production and the technologies to other producers. That is the best proof that he is happy with the project!

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