The National Poultry Show

7 February: 9am - 5pm (GMT-5)
8 February: 9am - 4pm (GMT-5)

London, Canada
Booth: 715S

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Discover these days more about

  • Van Gent, the way forward to modern breeder house; 
  • No need to worry when transitioning into cage-free aviary systems with Vencomatic; 
  • Maximizing efficiencies with Prinzen hatchery automation
  • How Meggsius data-driven solutions automate business processes and instantly deliver consistency and labour saving.

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At our booth: 715S

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During this event, we will share our knowledge, among other things, about the optimal solution for data-driven technology: our Meggsius Family. Delivering high quality eggs makes or breaks the success of a poultry farm. Improving efficiency based on data insights have become undeniably part of every industry. It can help reach the maximum genetic potential out of every bird, every flock and every farm.

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