Meggsius: precision poultry farming

We’re in the unique position that we have solutions for the entire 'Egg Way'. This allows us to connect data to every part of the process that together provides insights for our customers and allows them to make decisions faster and of course, get it right the first time!

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How do new data-driven technologies help?

Delivering high quality eggs, makes or breaks the success of a poultry farm. Nowadays, data collection and improving efficiency based on the insights derived from this data have become undeniably part of every industry. Enhancing efficiencies can help the industry to reach the maximum genetic potential out of every bird, every flock, and every farm. But data on its own doesn’t run the daily operations, you need (skilled) labour to do so. This is, like in many industries, also in the case of the poultry industry, a challenge. Cost and availability of (skilled) labour to operate the business processes become more and more challenging. So, how can new data-driven technologies help?


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Meggsius Select, machine vision-based egg sorting

Grading eggs is usually done through visual inspection by the staff standing at the belt. This subjective way of sorting eggs is labor-intensive, expensive, and risky. Meggsius Select does the same job but in an absolutely objective and consistent way. Meggsius Select is a machine consisting of multiple cameras and a sorting unit. The criteria-based algorithm ensures the objectivity of sorting; the operator sets them to his own requirements and according to the flock’s age. Quality control by the Meggsius Select is defined by the egg’s size and shape, various kinds of dirt, and various grades of shell damage. Multiple pictures are taken from all sides of each egg to avoid missing out on any abnormality on the eggshell. If the customer desires, all systems are remotely accessible, facilitating easy updates.

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See how the Meggsius Select works
Meggsius Count - Vencomatic Group

Meggsius Control & Count, creating a constant flow of eggs

The different modules within the Meggsius family can function independently of each other, but the Control & Count system, which delivers a constant egg flow into the egg room is ideally installed as a set. Meggsius Count is a camera system that counts the eggs just before the transfer to the central collection belt and works even in dark and dusty environments. The counting is done visually with infrared light. The cameras also signal how many eggs are on the left and right sides of the conveyor.

The second part, the Meggsius Control, includes software to optimize the egg supply via the different belts by automatically adjusting the speed of the belts, resulting in an efficient running egg packing operation. Hectic work environments with staff adjusting the speed of the belts or have to go in the house to see if there is an issue with a belt are now history. With the Meggsius Control & Count the number of operators can be brought down to a minimum.

See Meggsius Count & Control in operation

Meggsius Detect, stop the mess of broken eggs

The Meggsius Detect -placed between the cross conveyor and the egg packer – detects leaking eggs. When the egg liquid comes in contact with the Meggsius Detect, the belt stops immediately. A warning light switches on to signal to the operator that liquid has been detected. The operator can remove the leaking egg, clean the Meggsius Detect simply with a cloth and egg collection can continue. This avoids further contamination on the egg packer and eggs with any liquids, consequently saving valuable time in the egg collection process and first-class eggs.

Watch the Meggsius Detect in action

Meggsius Connect, data collection and analysis

All the data generated by the systems within the Meggsius family are presented in a dashboard allowing you to steer the daily business-based insights generated by all data collected. The more data the machines learn to interpret the better it will be able to support the daily operations and identify issues, e.g. an obstruction in the nest or egg belt, issues with the indoor climate or signals about a potential disease in the flock. Data isn’t just collected for the sake of collecting data. Data only brings value if the insights help to optimize the business operations, improving yield while delivering the best quality eggs. The Meggsius family can do just that no matter if you are operating in the chain of hatching eggs or consumption eggs.



In today’s world, we see an increasing dependency on data. More than just providing information on daily production, feed and water intake, climate conditions etc, data will guide poultry farmers in their management and enable them to change from reactive to proactive and even to predictive. 

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"With Meggsius I take the next step in smart poultry farming"

Jos Nelissen

Owner laying hen farm


From data with love

"Everyone has to realize how important data and data management are. We have to accept that we not only have to innovate mechanically and electrically, but also in terms of software."

"We collect data from different sources and bundle it for the farmer in a dashboard. We use data from our own systems and machines, but also from third-party climate computers. We can help the farmer remotely with problems, in the future we can even predict and prevent problems. Soon you will have an app that helps the farmer manage his barn, problems and causes can be tackled faster. Because you can search in a targeted way.”

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Connect the 'Egg Way'

Our track-record of revolutionary innovations such as our aviary’s (layers), Veranda (breeders) or on-farm hatching (broilers) has taught us that we are able to go beyond market standards. Along the way, we have obtained a lot of knowledge and experience, which we embed into our new technological innovations. This results in the best flock insights and analysis on any given moment, on bird level, to be monitored on the farmers smartphone.

Today’s industry is very diverse in terms of farm sizes ranging from small private farmers, with average flock sizes, to world leading integrators with millions of birds. With our new innovations, we aim to improve their businesses and enable all customers to become a top performer.