Patio-(1) Patio-(4) Patio-(15) Patio-(8)
Patio-(1) Patio-(4) Patio-(15) Patio-(8)

On-farm hatching: Patio

Vencomatics’ Patio system currently accommodates about 25 million bird places worldwide. On-farm hatching is a standard feature in the Patio system, ensuring direct feed and water access for all broilers directly post-hatch. The system provides a perfect environment for birds from hatching until the end of the growing period. The daily operation of the Patio system is facilitated by highly automated functions.

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Ideal environment

Patio provides the ideal environment throughout the broilers’ life: the rail system enabling on-farm hatching is integrated in the system providing the best possible start for all birds. Preconditioned air enters the Patio system resulting in an optimum and constant micro climate. Constant fresh air is supplied at bird level which further stimulates the broilers’ health. The birds in the system are housed on belts made of hygienic and durable polypropylene. These belts are easy to clean and quickly adapt to the room temperature, helping to lower heating costs and providing the right floor temperature as a result. In addition, the belts make it possible to automatically transport broilers out of the house, further automating the loading process. 

Patio design
The Patio system is set up in cells, with two system rows separated by a corridor per cell. Each row consists of 6 identical tiers on top of each other equipped with feed, water and litter.


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On-farm hatching: Patio