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The Vencomatic Duck Nest is proving its worth

2 min read published on 15 March 2024

After just five months, the Vencomatic Duck Nest is proving its worth. Read the complete success story of our customer: Silver Hill Duck.

Founded in 1962, Silver Hill Duck is a fully integrated premium Duck Producer. All aspects are owned and controlled by Silver Hill Duck, from breeding, egg production, hatching and selection, to processing, cooking and packaging. Their distinctive hybrid duck is the secret to their success and is a breed that is exclusive to Silver Hill Duck. It has been continually developed over the years, to produce a duck that is full of flavor, succulent, tender and consistent in its quality.
Roll Away Nesting System 1_Silverhill
At Silver Hill Duck the ducks are housed in traditional duck houses with floor nests placed against the shed walls. In those houses on average 10% of eggs are floor eggs. Daily operations include many hours of collecting eggs by hand that are laid across the floor and in the more difficult to reach places for the workers.

Already 15 years ago, Peter McConnell became aware of the Vencomatic nest box systems, but the time just hadn't been right. However, with the recent purchase of a new farm the opportunity was there, and in close cooperation with Padraig Mulvey Sales Ltd (Vencomatic Group dealer Ireland), the project to house 2,600 ducks was agreed. It included the installation of the Vencomatic Duck Nest in combination with Vencoslat as natural access ramps to the raised nest boxes. In addition, the Vencobelt was installed to transport the eggs safely to the central collection point.

"I am particularly pleased with the reduced % of floor eggs - less than 6%"

Peter McConnell

Farm Technical Manager

Silver Hill Duck

Their new home

The first flock of ducks moved into their new environment last year. "Results achieved in those first five months are impressive", according to Peter McConnell. "I am particularly pleased with the reduced % of floor eggs - less than 6% - improved hatchability and creating working conditions that are not only more efficient but also more pleasant for the team."
Roll Away Nest System 2_Silverhill

The results

Silver Hill Duck first results show:

  • <6% floor eggs which significantly increases hatchability rate as there are more 1st class, clean eggs, not trampled upon, not bashed around
  • 50% reduced time required to collect the duck eggs allowing the teams to focus on other operational tasks

Looking into the future, Peter McConnell mentioned: "You could say it is a matter of time and money before we transition the other houses into a Vencomatic Duck Nest system. This can definitely contribute positively to our operational efficiencies and bottom-line results."

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