Egg setting: 'Innovation is key, so Vencomatic Group fits us well'

2 min read published on 21 April 2021
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“My name is Roberto Moraes Jardim Filho, graduated as Zootecnista in 1998. I finished my PHD in nutrition in 2004 at the UGA in the United States. At the moment I am Animal Production Director at São Salvador Alimentos company. My relationship with Vencomatic do Brasil is very good, we work mostly with Felipe Reis, but his colleagues are also very helpful. They know a lot about their work and do everything possible to make their systems work well.” 

“As a Animal Production Director, I am responsible for the animal production figures. I used to visit the production facilities regularly, but most of my work is in the head office. I also use my time to get information about the new technical rules and technologies.  I have been working for 14 years at the company.”

“The egg setting machines that Vencomatic Group installed in our poultry farms work very well, they are very reliable and easy to clean. We must remember that more employees usually mean more problems, especially in the broiler breeder farms. Working with Vencomatic, we lose less eggs and need less people.”Do you want us to contact you about this subject?

What kind of company is São Salvador Alimentos?

“São Salvador Alimentos is a family owned company; Zé Garrote started it with his father in law Carlos Vieira in 1991. They started small, but every year they were building more poultry farms and the company always grew, with hard work and dedication. Nowadays, the company has more than 7500 direct and indirect workers. In 1997 they built a feed mill, in 2008 they built the hatchery and in 2016 they built the first breeder house.” 

“In 2021, we slaughtered 420,000 chickens a day, in two slaughter houses. We are building new poultry farms for chicks and for breeders, to increase the number of slaughters per day.”

Is farm automation important in your company?

“Innovation and technology are very important for our company. When we have to build new poultry houses, we try to use as many innovations as possible. Our CEO really believes in investing in automation.”

“Understanding technology is crucial for this kind of work, especially when every year there are new products that make our job easier. I got good information about Vencomatic group and I visited the company in Holland in 2012. I got a good impression of how important innovation and technology is for Vencomatic, our partnership fits very well.”

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