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Genus Focus: contactless in-ovo sexing arrives in Norway

2 min read published on 4 July 2024

A&A Salte Kyllingoppdrett AS, Fiskå Mølle AS, and Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder SA are collaborating to build a new hatchery in Sirevåg with Sirevåg Rugeri AS. The facilities will be operational by the beginning of 2025. Thanks to the installation of the AI-powered Genus Focus technology, the hatchery will be able to offer a non-invasive solution for chicken sexing prior to hatching. 

"We are very pleased to have agreed with Orbem and the Vencomatic Group to deliver a solution for in-ovo sexing for our new hatchery. This will contribute to more sustainable egg production, replacing the culling of day-old male chicks with eggs sexed during the hatching process,” highlights Andreas Salte, CEO of Sirevåg Rugeri AS.

The system soon to be installed by Sirevåg Rugeri AS was developed by the Munich-based company Orbem. Their in-ovo sexing solution is based on MRI scanning and image analysis of the egg, a process that is supported by artificial intelligence. Together with Vencomatic Group, an automation expert in the poultry industry, Orbem offers the Genus Focus, a contactless in-ovo sexing solution for all breeds requiring only one operator. 

Genus Focus first in-ovo sexing solution in Norway
“We have long followed the technological development of sexing of the hatching egg, and the Genus Focus has had an impressive development over the past few years. Many in the egg industry welcome this technology. We really look forward to being able to offer this solution for in-ovo sexing to our customers," says Andreas Salte.

The revolutionary AI-powered imaging technology paves the way for non-invasive egg classification. Orbem’s CEO Pedro Gómez remarks: “It is the technology of the future — and it's here to stay.” Beyond in-ovo sexing, the combination of MRI and AI addresses other challenges requiring non-invasive classification, such as detecting egg fertilization status and phenotyping. The team is excited about the technology’s impact on sustainability and efficiency in the poultry industry. Its transformative potential for in-ovo sexing and future applications will become increasingly evident in the coming years. 

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At Orbem, we build a sustainable and healthy future by unleashing AI-powered imaging. We revolutionize the poultry industry by introducing contactless egg classification and analytics for all breeds, empowering our clients with data-driven decisions for production optimization. Present in four countries, we imagine new frontiers for our clients and partners through non-invasive in-ovo sexing, phenotyping, and fertilization status detection.

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