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The importance of good air quality for layers

2 min read published on 9 October 2023

As a poultry farmer, you understand the significance of providing your chickens with a healthy environment. A crucial aspect of this is ensuring good air quality. Poor air in poultry houses can cause various health issues, thereby decreasing egg production and increasing mortality rates. The good news is that an ECO Unit can help you tackle this problem. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of good air quality for layer poultry and how the Agro Supply ECO Unit can help improve it.

Respiratory health

Good air quality is vital for your layer birds' respiratory health. Chickens are sensitive creatures that can quickly develop respiratory issues when exposed to poor-quality air. A dirty environment or poorly ventilated space accumulates harmful gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide, among others, that can cause inflammation in the airway and lungs. This can lower egg production and increase the mortality rate in your flock.

Temperature control

Maintaining the right temperature in your poultry house is crucial to ensure healthy chickens. However, this goal can be a daunting task, especially during extreme weather conditions. During cold weather, you need to provide sufficient heating while ensuring adequate ventilation to prevent condensation. Poor ventilation during cold weather can lead to moisture buildup, which is detrimental to your birds' respiratory system. The challenge is even greater during hot weather, where you need to provide ventilation while keeping the temperature at an optimal condition. Heat exchangers like the ECO Unit helps manage both challenges while improving egg production.

Feed conversion rate

Another critical aspect of good air quality is improved feed conversion rate (FCR). A good FCR impacts the economic output of your farm. The ECO Unit's heat exchangers help regulate the temperature and humidity, directly impacting your flock's FCR. By maintaining a comfortable temperature, your birds can digest food properly, converting it into meat or eggs faster, reducing feed costs and maximising profits.

Improved egg production

As a layer farmer, your primary goal is to maximise first grade egg production. Good air quality is crucial in achieving this goal. The ECO Unit helps maintain optimal oxygen levels in the air, directly impacting your flock's overall health and increasing egg production. Chickens with adequate oxygen have stronger immunity, enabling them to fight off diseases that can lower egg production.

Eco-friendly solution

Besides improving air quality and enhancing egg production, the ECO Unit is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional poultry house ventilation systems. The heat exchangers enable the unit to recover energy from the air, reducing fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

In conclusion, good air quality is an essential aspect of maintaining healthy chicken flocks and maximising egg production. The ECO Unit is an excellent solution to improve air quality while regulating temperature, humidity and FCR. It is also an eco-friendly alternative to conventional ventilation systems. As a poultry farmer, investing in an ECO Unit can enable you to grow your business while ensuring the health and welfare of your birds.

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