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Maximizing hen efficacy with longer production using a heat exchanger

1 min read published on 9 October 2023

As a poultry farmer, maximising the productivity and efficiency of your hens is crucial. With advances in genetic technology and the need for sustainable and cost-effective production, it is important to implement innovative techniques to improve egg production without compromising on animal welfare. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using a heat exchanger for layer poultry farming and how it can help optimise the housing systems to increase egg production over the lifetime of your hens.

To start, it is important to acknowledge that the housing system we use for layers needs to accommodate the genetic advancements we have achieved. With the selective breeding and genetic modification of hens, their productivity has increased significantly. However, it is important to not overlook the housing system's role in maximising their efficacy. The houses need to provide all the necessary amenities, from food and water to proper ventilation and temperature control. One technology that has been proven to improve housing's efficiency is installing a heat exchanger.

The Agro Supply ECO Unit is a heat exchanger that can help improve the housing system for layer poultry farming. It uses the heat from outgoing air to preheat incoming air, reducing the energy required to regulate the temperature. By using a heat exchanger, the hen's environment remains stable, and they are less likely to get stressed and suffer from heat stress. This can directly impact their productivity and overall welfare.

Another benefit of using a heat exchanger is that they can help increase egg production over the lifetime of your hens. With a stable environment, your hens are less likely to suffer from diseases and other health issues, increasing their lifespan and productivity. Also, their eggs will be of higher quality because the hens' stress levels will be kept in check.

In conclusion, implementing innovative techniques such as using a heat exchanger can take your layer poultry farming to the next level. By optimising the housing systems and maximising the hens' efficacy, you can achieve higher egg production, higher quality eggs, and a more sustainable and profitable farm. With the ECO Unit from Agro Supply, you can ensure your hens live in a stress-free environment, making a big difference in their health and lifetime productivity.

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