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Preventative or corrective maintenance?

1 min read published on 11 April 2024
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When discussing maintenance strategies, we often encounter the concepts of corrective and preventative maintenance. Corrective maintenance comes into play when there's a failure or breakdown in the machinery, with the primary aim of restoring the system to its operational state. While providing corrective maintenance services to our customers is vital, the team at Vencomatic Group Spain saw the opportunity to minimize urgent issues and reduce client downtime through preventative maintenance measures. 

With preventative maintenance, the focus is on proactively identifying and rectifying minor issues before they escalate. By conducting periodic maintenance visits, typically recommended at least once a year, our technicians can meticulously inspect systems or packers for early signs of potential failures. Detecting and addressing these issues in their infancy can prevent significant disruptions and expenses for the client.

In conclusion, by prioritizing preventative maintenance alongside corrective measures, we can ensure reliable system performance, minimize downtime, and enhance client satisfaction. Through regular maintenance visits and attentive customer service, we not only address immediate issues, but also cultivate lasting relationships and loyalty within our customer base.

The point of view of our clients

Joan Porta, from Granja Armancel, in Spain, was one of the firsts costumers to sign the Prinzen preventive maintenance contract. They have a PSPC5 from 2011, and since the first preventive maintenance was done in January 2023, they haven’t had any issues with the machinery and its performance is optimal. 
They agree that doing a preventive visit every year has been a great investment because it has avoided breakdowns and bigger costs. He is extremely happy with the service provided and would recommend others to do preventive maintenance with no doubt.

“I consider the maintenance contract a good initiative and I want to highlight that the technician is an exceptional professional. Whenever I have any questions, he patiently explains everything and provides expert advice to resolve any issues I had."

"During maintenance visits, he meticulously inspects the machine, ensuring a great care. I am highly satisfied with the service, and especially with the technician” - Joan Porta, Granja Armancel

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