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“Meggsius provides bird information well before symptoms occur with the flock”

1 min read published on 16 September 2021
Matt Vane

Canada - “I was born on a broiler farm, not far from where I farm now. I had the opportunity to become part of the build-up program with the British Columbia Egg Marketing Board, which gave six successful applicants the opportunity to farm. I had to write a business plan that was reviewed by a panel, and I was one of the fortunate ones.”

Matt Vane is a farmer in Chilliwack, Canada. He is a proud owner of a poultry farm, : “In Canada we have quota like in Holland, but here it is production based. Canada has a set amount of laying hens in the country.”Do you want us to contact you about this subject?

“Our farm is not that big, we farm a little over 20,000 layers and raise pullets as well. We started in 2012, so almost 10 years ago. With the help of a co-worker we also manage a number of broiler barns as well. All of our layer production is certified organic.”

“I have two single-tier nest barns and one aviary. My experience with the Vencomatic products is very positive, the company is great. I very much appreciate how the company works, always looking for improvements. They have simple solutions for difficult challenges, it’s genius.”

“I also have the full Meggsius package: Count, Control etc. I am happy with the extra efficiency, the reduction of cracks and expedited collection times. We are now in the phase that we can start using information from the data, but it’s still a work in progress. We can then monitor the behaviour of the chickens in the barn: which areas do they avoid and why. We want to learn more and more about chickens laying eggs in the “wrong” spots and about the bird’s behaviour, in order to farm better. That is what Meggsius is all about.”

“I never was a tech guy or into computers, but I like working with the web based interface of Meggsius. The data is easy to track, compare and learn. It is easy to collect important information and improve your performance. 

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