Breeder nomination project of the year 2021

BLR Solutions & Glass-Pac - Pondeuses JL Inc

Name: Pondeuses JL Inc

Customer: Jocelyn Leblanc

Country: Canada

Partner: BLR Solutions, Jean-Francois Bourbeau and Glass-Pac, Doug Snyder

VMG: Tom Randall

Products: ECO 200-4, ECO 200-6, Ovograder 30, Ovoset Pro, Vencobelt, Van Gent nests and slats

Pondeuses JL Inc LeBlanc_1e (1) IMG_1380 (1) (1) Pondeuses JL Inc
Pondeuses JL Inc LeBlanc_1e (1) IMG_1380 (1) (1) Pondeuses JL Inc


The customer was already using PSP7 packer. His goal was to set up the barn of the future for both the pullets and the breeders, ensuring his children would be able to continue the family business whilst it had to be simple to operate and easy to control. VMG & Dealer teams were able to convince the customer about the value of investing in quality equipment, reaching achievable ROI, and having access to strong after-sales support. Installation was done as a joint effort between BLR Solutions, Glass-Pac and Vencomatic Group.

Project success

BLR Solution and Glass-Pac delivered perfect project management, high-quality installation, and outstanding after-sales support. The investment is already showing better uniformity in the pullets and more hatchable eggs and chicks hatched. The customer is also pleased to have a great working environment in the barns and egg room. The project is included in a Quebec Agriculture research study tracking energy usage, and emissions with the goal of getting ECO Units being the recommended product for their grant program. Happy pullets and happy breeders lead to a happy bottom line.

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