Broiler nomination project of the year 2021

Vencotec - Habraken

Name: Habraken ECO Zero

Customer: Frank Habraken 

Country: Netherlands

Partner: Vencotec, Mattijs Michils

VMG: Frank Bakermans

Products: ECO Unit 200, Heat exchangers, Heating cabines and X-Treck

IMG_3904 IMG_4479 IMG_3753 Habraken
IMG_3904 IMG_4479 IMG_3753 Habraken


The customer faced environmental challenges around ammonia and dust. The plot was too small to build 2 classical broiler barns. Challenge was to create a stable climate across the seasons and limit any outside influences on the performance of the broilers.

Project success

Perfect project combining expertise of dealer and VMG, whether it was about expertise in understanding how outside climate factors could impact inside stable conditions or about educating the customer and supporting the finetuning of control management. The dealer had full control of the installation process for cooling, warming, air speed, RH, pressure, inlet valves, etc. Outside conditions resulting in 4m3/h installed max ventilation for 1 broiler (Ross or Cobb). Hotraco Fortica XL controller was used to optimize the climate conditions of the 2x4 heat exchangers.

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