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Healthy climate, healthy birds, more yield!

Discover how ECO Units can improve your results

Read how you can save an average of 6 grams of feed per bird, per day and gain 10 eggs per bird, per flock. 

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Cage-free vencomatic group

Transition into cage-free poultry houses

Discover the advantages and differences in managing your birds in a cage-free aviary system. 

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Prinzen 50 (6)

Prinzen, gentle egg handling

Discover egg handling

Efficient and gentle egg handling is crucial. Prinzen has perfect solutions to help you manage this, from hatchery automation to table egg collection.

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Eco Unit 200 (7)

Save up to 75% gas with the ECO Unit

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Request a free 1-on-1 savings calculation and learn how the ECO Unit can create a healthy indoor climate with minimum ventilation.

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Meggsius VMG (home)

Meggsius, powering precision poultry farming

Farm of the future

Reach the maximum genetic potential out of every bird, every flock, and every farm. 

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Think ahead with poultry people

We offer innovative solutions in poultry and egg production.

Innovation meets sustainability

With an ever-expanding world population, there are more and more mouths to feed. The growing demand for affordable protein like chicken and eggs will require the poultry sector to keep up with this pace. We are committed to carefully blending our goals around animal well-being, sustainability, and operational excellence with our drive to innovate.


Lotte van de Ven

CEO Vencomatic Group

Our promise

Animal welfare

We will always develop our products based on a thorough understanding of the bird, her well-being, and her precious eggs.

Operational excellence

We will gather insights from poultry farmers worldwide to closely align with their requirements in running a profitable business effectively.

Farm of the future

We will craft the future based on data, helping our customers reach the maximum potential out of every bird, every flock and every farm.

Our Egg Way

From the very first moment an egg is laid until it reaches its final destination, it travels a long and tough journey. We understand this journey every step of the way and work towards the best solutions across the 'Egg Way'. 


Poultry housing equipment: our Vencomatic and Van Gent ranges provide safe, comfortable, and stimulating environments for poultry to live and thrive in. Egg collection and handling equipment: with Prinzen, we streamline the egg collection process, ensuring that each egg is treated with the care it deserves, from nest to packing.
Climate solutions: through Agro Supply we offer climate control solutions designed to create the optimal indoor conditions for poultry, fostering healthy growth and production.
Precision farming with Meggsius:
these cutting-edge solutions combine data and poultry farming to the next level. Moving into predictive precision farming, maximizing the potential of every bird, every flock, and every farm.


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IPPS Japan
IPPS Japan

Nayago, Japan

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PIX AMC Australia
PIX AMC Australia

Gold Coast, Australia

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Middle East Poultry Expo
Middle East Poultry Expo

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Pig & Poultry UK

Birmingham, UK

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"A huge amount of peace has been achieved. We save a lot of time and the stress is also gone. The human actions now happen automatically.”

Koen & Annelies Hoste

Broiler breeder farm in Belgium

3 poultry houses with 58,500 hens and males

Read how Meggsius Select positively impacted their daily operations