A Christmas donation from the heart

1 min read published on 2 December 2022

Donation Vencomatic Group and their partners
Our partners are essential to the success of our business, and we cannot reach our goals without them! We recognize this across the entire organization. This year we are showing our appreciation to our partners not by sending Christmas gifts around the globe, but by making a donation of €10,000 on behalf of Vencomatic Group and their global partners to a charity very close to our hearts: the International Egg Foundation.

4"On behalf of the International Egg Foundation, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Vencomatic Group for this very generous donation. Financial gifts provide the continued support required to allow the IEF to keep operating, whilst nurturing our aims and visions to develop local knowledge, expertise and entrepreneurship in protein deficient populations. Your support is greatly appreciated."

Tim Lambert - IEF Chairman

2022 Donation IEF - Tom Randall (4)Impact on lives

The International Egg Foundation (IEF) is an independent charitable foundation dedicated to combatting the global hunger crisis by increasing the consumption and local production of high-quality protein through eggs. Our donation will make a wonderful impact on the lives of many people in dire need.

To find out more about IEF projects and the impact they have around the world, visit: www.internationaleggfoundation.com


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