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Wilcox Farms: a sustainable success story with Agro Supply's ECO Unit for layers

2 min read published on 29 June 2023

USA - Wilcox Farms is a fourth-generation family-owned farm in the USA, nestled on 1,600 acres of picturesque land alongside the Nisqually River and Mt. Rainier foothills. It has been at the forefront of sustainable farming practices for over a century, with a focus on organic, cage-free, free-range, and pasture-raised eggs. Wilcox Farms has continuously strived to improve their operations while prioritising animal welfare and environmental sustainability. One significant step in their journey towards sustainability was the installation of an Agro Supply (a Vencomatic Group brand) ECO Unit. This customer story highlights the remarkable benefits experienced by Wilcox Farms after installing their ECO Unit.

Optimising feed consumption and egg yield

The ECO Unit offers a solution that optimises indoor house conditions, particularly temperature and air quality. By maintaining an ideal internal climate for the laying hen house, the ECO Unit maximises feed efficiency while improving egg production and quality. Mike Lee, from Wilcox Farms, attests to these benefits, stating, "When we compare similar flocks in our other locations that do not have an ECO Unit, the difference in feed consumption is about 454 grams/100 birds, per day which is significant."

Environmental improvement

Apart from the economic advantages, Wilcox Farms has witnessed notable environmental improvements after installing the ECO Unit. The farm lies near residential and commercial areas and has not received any complaints regarding odour or other issues typically associated with egg-producing farms. This positive change is attributed to the improved environmental conditions created by the ECO Unit, as Mike Lee confirms, "We have experienced improved environmental conditions at the farms utilising the ECO Units."

The Vencomatic ECO Unit: a game-changer in poultry farming

The Vencomatic ECO Unit, designed to optimise climate conditions in the poultry house and leads to less feed consumption and provides a higher egg yield for layers, revolutionising the poultry industry. By utilising a heat exchanger to recycle expelled air and warm incoming fresh air, the ECO Unit retains nearly all the warmth within the house while refreshing the air. This results in significant savings in feed consumption, with studies demonstrating average savings of 4,5g of feed per bird, per day.

Better by design

The ECO Unit sets itself apart from other commercial heat exchangers through its superior thermal efficiency. The unit incorporates a counterflow heat exchanger design and optimises surface area to maximise heat recovery from the outgoing air. These design features contribute to improved air quality, enhanced environment, and reduced feed consumption.

Additional benefits and easy maintenance

Wilcox Farms has not only reaped the rewards of reduced feed consumption but also experienced other advantages from the ECO Unit. These include improved bird welfare, better working conditions for farmers and managers, with remote monitoring and management capabilities. The ECO Unit's self-maintenance routines, such as self-cleaning, ensures hassle-free operation, and Vencomatic's dedicated customer support further reinforces its’ reliability.


Wilcox Farms' success story with the Agro Supply ECO Unit stands as a testament to the positive impact sustainable farming practices can have on both the environment and business profitability. By investing in innovative solutions like the ECO Unit, Wilcox Farms continues to prioritise animal welfare, reduce their environmental footprint, and reap economic benefits. Vencomatic Group's commitment to developing efficient and sustainable solutions aligns perfectly with Wilcox Farms' ethos, making their partnership a perfect match for a greener and more prosperous future in the poultry industry.



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