Operational excellence

Excellence for the customer

Vencomatic Group helps its customers with their operational excellence, through automation and management support.

With our equipment and tools, we support customers in automating their work, allowing them to achieve higher quality at lower costs. For example, Prinzen machines can handle eggs much more efficiently than by hand, with less risk.

With our knowledge and automation we help  customers in the management of their house, so that they can get a higher yield from their animals. The Knowledge department advises customers on the management of their birds. Thanks to automation, this can increasingly be done remotely. By reading the right parameters , we can already draw many conclusions. The After Sales department is increasingly active in identifying and quickly solving problems, and Service Level Agreements are increasingly being concluded with the customer.

In the future, our Meggsius family will help customers make decisions by converting data in the house into information that forms the basis for advice and better decisions. Meggsius Select can see from the egg what is happening in the house, Meggsius Count and Control can tell where and how the chickens are in the house. We then draw conclusions which help the customer to manage their house.


Smart production

At Vencomatic Group we often get the question why we produce in the Netherlands, isn't that much more expensive?

Our production company Vencosteel is a department of the whole group. It only has Vencomatic Group companies as a customer and can therefore invest much more wisely. No staff departments that unnecessarily increase costs. No machines that are too wide-ranging to be able to help as many customers as possible, but a focused, fully automated machine park.

We can be the cheapest, but we don't want to be. Our surcharge is fully reflected in higher quality, which pays itself in the long term. We use the best types of steel, which are much less likely to rust. We use the best machines that deliver better quality products. Continuity and delivery reliability are much more important than slightly higher personnel costs.

So for the reliability we offer, we are certainly the cheapest.

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