Prinzen 100

With the Prinzen 100 daily egg packing becomes an easy task. It is cleverly designed, ensures gentle egg handling and it reaches for a capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour.

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Clever design

The Smartpack can be configured to fit any egg packing room and allows an overview of the complete packing process. Working with the packer goes without saying. Essential parts of the machine are easy to reach and make it simple to operate and to clean.

Safeguarding egg quality is a key priority.  Eggs are handled with the outmost care, preserving its quality during the entire packing process, including automatic tray stacking and additional pallet loading.

A twin configuration consists of two Smartpack packers and doubles the capacity up to 60,000 eggs per hour. Both packers operate autonomous, in that way the daily processing requirement is always guaranteed.

Carton Packaging Module (CPM) 
The Smartpack can be extended with the module CPM for packing eggs straight in (consumer-type) carton egg boxes holding 10 or 12 eggs. A unique feature to market eggs direct from the farm. For additional weighing and sorting requirement, the Prinzen Ovograder unit can be easily integrated with the Smartpack.

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