Prinzen-70-(1)-(2) Prinzen-70-(3) Prinzen-70-(4) Prinzen-70-(6) Prinzen 70 (drawing) Prinzen 70 (7)
Prinzen-70-(1)-(2) Prinzen-70-(3) Prinzen-70-(4) Prinzen-70-(6) Prinzen 70 (drawing) Prinzen 70 (7)

Prinzen 70

Gentle egg handling, ease of use and the point down correction are the key features of Prinzen packers. The Prinzen 70 is designed for careful egg packing on 30-cell trays and has a 6 row cup configuration.

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Efficient egg handling

The packer is offering an effective operating capacity of 25,200 eggs per hour. Eggs are packed point down and with highest care.

•  Reduces manual labour
•  Gentle egg handling
•  Easy operation
•  For all types of 30-cell trays

The Prinzen 70 is compact and fits into any egg collection room. It can be extended with features such as infeed belts, egg coders, tray stackers and the Pallet Loader.

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Prinzen 70

Carton Packing Module - with box closure option

Local egg sales are more popular than ever; for quite some farmer it creates a nice additional source of income. Prinzen 70 with Carton Packing Module (CPM) and now even with the additional option of a 'blox closer' facilitates automated packing eggs in carton boxes of 10 or 12 eggs.

Switching from 30-cell tray to carton box

The CPM is available as a factory built or aftermarket option on the Prinzen 70, with the 6-row cup conveyor, the gripper type tray-denester and the vacuum egg transfer. Other packer types are therefore excluded. The machine parts that need to be adapted to handle the egg carton box are the tray de-nester, tray conveyor and the vacuum lifter. The time required to switch to carton box packing is limited to a few minutes and can be done by the operator without special tooling.






The additional option of the box closer can only be applied to new Prinzen 70 machines, retrofit for existing machines is not possible. Installation of the box closer will require certain configurations as it is important that the box closer is matched to the type of packaging. To prevent issues, it is highly recommended that the CPM with box closer is installed with a box type out of the approved series of egg boxes. List of boxes will be regularly updated and are available upon request.

Capacity limitation when packing carton boxes

When switching from 30-cell trays to packing eggs in carton boxes, the processing speed decreases due to the number of eggs corresponding with the carton box type handled. As an example: Prinzen 70 capacity of 25,200 eggs/hour handling 30 cell-trays is 840 cycles per hour. Handling a carton box of 10 eggs makes 8,400 eggs per hour and a carton box of 12 eggs makes 10,080 eggs per hour. The CPM requires no additional space floor and fits in with the modular set up of the Prinzen 70 egg handling units.

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