Duck-Nest-(1) Duck-Nest-(drawing)
Duck-Nest-(1) Duck-Nest-(drawing)

Poultry housing: Duck Nest

Vencomatic was the first to enter the market with an automatic nest for ducks. The Duck Nest is designed for the unique needs of water fowl, while still implementing the proven innovations of our poultry housing nests. 

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Duck nest: Ensuring egg quality

The moveable back wall is used to automatically expel ducks from the nest after laying, preventing broodiness in the birds. The eggs gently roll onto the central egg belt, ensuring the quality of the eggs.

The duck nest is designed using smart Vencomatic innovations including the Vencomat and the egg belt and can be extended with the Vencobelt and Vencoslat. With these innovations, you collect your hatching eggs in perfect condition.

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Poultry housing: Duck Nest