ECO Unit 200 (10) ECO-Unit-(5) ECO Unit 200 (21) ECO-Unit-(1) ECO-Unit-(7) ECO-Unit-(drawing)
ECO Unit 200 (10) ECO-Unit-(5) ECO Unit 200 (21) ECO-Unit-(1) ECO-Unit-(7) ECO-Unit-(drawing)

ECO Unit 200

The ECO Unit allows you to fully control the climate in your poultry house in all weather conditions with an minimal use of energy. For this design we use the heat exchanger to heat up fresh air from outside with warm air taken from inside the house.

ECO Entry: small version of ECO Unit 200


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Complete climate solution

With the ECO Unit design you create a perfect and constant climate in the house resulting in optimal litter quality and low ammonia emissions.

Along with the heat exchanger’s high thermal efficiency of up to 80%, the use of the preheated air is further optimized by its distribution via the Louvre system. Intelligent software governs this technology and was developed based on a thorough understanding of climate control in poultry houses. Therefore we get the utmost of our equipment resulting in substantial savings in heating costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

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Heating ECO Unit 200

The ECO Unit can be used as a complete heating system by extending it with a heating unit. This heater in combination with recirculation of air enables you to control the temperature inside the poultry house regardless of the weather conditions. The heater is integrated in the ECO Unit and thereby makes heaters inside the house no longer needed. It also ensures that no CO2 emissions enter the house. This complete climate solution enables you to create perfect and constant climate conditions for optimal bird performance.

• No CO2 emissions in the house
• Reduced humidity
• Optimal environment for birds and humans
• Improved bird performance
• Easy access for cleaning

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Cooling ECO Unit 200

The ECO unit can cool the incoming air under warm weather conditions. The principle that used for this is “indirect-evaporative-cooling”, by evaporating water in the outgoing air stream, it cools the air down and the resulting cold is transferred to the incoming air in ECO Unit. The incoming air itself is not humidified. This can result in a cooling up to 12 degrees. By distributing this cool air through the Louvre in the house, the entire house is cooled and that provides comfort for the hens during warm weather and ensures better productivity.

Cleaning ECO Unit 200

The ECO Unit can be equipped with an automatic cleaning system, this is the same system as the cooling system. The dust that remains in the ECO Unit is discharged by means of a built-in washing installation, it keeps the unit clean and heat optimal. The condensation that forms in ECO Unit is stored and reused for washing, it keeps the water consumption on a minimum level.


Automatic cleaning at Reiner Farms

Automatic cleaning ECO Unit 200

"It cleans itself and everything on its own. I don't have to worry every day if the environment is perfect or not, because you know it is. It certainly cuts down the workload."

John Reiner

Reiner Farms

ECO Entry

ECO Entry

Compact, efficient and affordable climate control. The ECO Entry is a perfect match for smaller poultry houses. The base for ECO Entry is the ECO Unit 200, but it is a smaller heat exchanger both in capacity and dimensions. Designed with simplicity and savings in mind, the ECO Entry offers several advantages.

ECO Entry - VMG

Compact design, maximum efficiency, low investment

  • Capacity of 10.000m3/ h, efficient and affordable for smaller poultry houses
  • Narrow footprint: easily fits between or next to the poultry houses, making the most of the available space. The ECO Entry unit measures 1.3m wide, 9.0m long and 2.3m high
  • Robust thermal efficiency, guaranteeing an impressive 80% thermal efficiency, which translates into substantial energy savings

Tailored control options

  • 0-10V control via an external computer for precise climate management or utilize a potentiometer for manual pre-setting
  • Advanced control with the Navi system

Rinsing ECO Entry

The ECO Entry can be equipped with an rinsing system. The dust that remains in the ECO Entry is discharged by means of a built-in washing installation. The rinsing process keeps the unit clean and heat exchange optimal.