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Think ahead with poultry people

For 40 years Vencomatic Group offers solutions in housing, egg handling and climate control for any type of poultry house.

Alex Welbergen

Poultry Specialist

+31 (0)650939688

Cristiano Alves

Poultry Specialist

+55 (0)19998143872

Gust Fleerakkers

Poultry Specialist

+31 (0)650939558

Ilse Poolen

Poultry Specialist

+31 (0)611236744

Jose Herrero

Poultry Specialist Mexico

+34 (0)639218084

"Each success of our clients is an amplifier of our brand"

Leandro Dalaio

Poultry Specialist

+55 (0)49991817911

Susanne Vonk

Manager Knowledge

+31 (0)650939637

Wim Peters

Poultry Specialist

+31 (0)651999065

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