Animal welfare for poultry production

Happy birds

Vencomatic Group thinks it is important to keep the needs of a bird in mind. First of all we believe that if a bird feels good, its performance will be better. It is our mission to develop animal friendly poultry systems, while preserving the planet.  


We want to understand poultry and eggs
We need long-term planning
We want to reduce the need for antibiotics
We need to develop knowledge-based systems
We need to strike a balance between nature and food safety

The history of animal welfare

Ruth Harrison was a British animal protection activist and author. In 1964 she published the book Animal Machines, in which she describes intensive poultry and livestock farming.

In response to this book, the British Government set up a committee of enquiry, led by Professor Roger Brambell. Their research focused on the welfare of intensively kept animals. The committee formulated a recommendation, known as 'Brambell's Five Freedoms', to describe an animal's welfare needs. As a result of the report, the Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Committee was established to oversee the livestock sector.

This was done in a list of the 'five freedoms', which were adopted by professional groups such as veterinarians:

  • Freedom from hunger or thirst, by providing access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and strength;
  • Freedom from discomfort, by providing a suitable environment, including shelter and a comfortable resting place;
  • Freedom from pain, injury or illness, through prevention or prompt diagnosis and treatment;
  • Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour, by providing sufficient space, good facilities and company of the animal's own species;
  • Freedom from fear and sorrow, by providing conditions and treatments that prevent mental suffering.

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Vencomatic and cage free

Since 1983 we have been working wit hens moving throughout the house freely. We are the cage free specialists because we truly believe that when you take optimum care of the birds and the welfare of the birds they perfom best

Vencomatic has extensive experience with aviary solutions. We introduced our first aviary system in the late 90's and continuously develop our systems based on experience and research. 


The importance of rearing

Optimal rearing is essential for top performing laying hens. A rearing system should follow the growth of the chicken and should train the hen to be able to:
- Jump, settle down and rest on a perch
- Respond to a light dim program
- Search for feed and water on different levels.

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Animal welfare has been our focus from the start.

We’ve worked with thousands of farmers and companies, big and small.


Natural behaviour

Every poultry farmer is happy when they see happy chickens showing their natural behaviour. 

Aviary systems were invented to provide laying hens with maximum freedom, while using floor space efficiently. Aviaries consist of multiple tiers where birds are challenged to use the vertical space to find feed, water, nests and perches. For maximum floor and nest utilization a house often has multiple system rows, and movement from one row to the other is possible.

"With the Bolegg Terrace, hens feel safe on their way to the nest."

Klaasjan Salomons

Owner free range farm

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