Hendrix Genetics will be equipped with Genus Focus for in-ovo sexing

2 min read published on 10 May 2024

The new commercial hatchery of Hendrix Genetics in Germany will be equipped with the Genus Focus for in-ovo sexing from Orbem and the Vencomatic Group.

Hendrix Genetics, a leading player in the poultry industry, proudly announces the adoption of the cutting-edge non-invasive MRI technology: Genus Focus for in-ovo sexing. This revolutionary installation represents a fundamental step in Hendrix Genetics' new layer hatchery in Germany, as they innovate the process of poultry egg sex determination while meeting German animal welfare standards and legislation.

 “We chose Orbem and Vencomatic Group’s in-ovo sexing solution because of their proven record in ensuring operational efficiency while meeting the highest animal welfare standards.” Adri Mertens, Operations Manager HGL Deutschland GmbH.

The new hatchery in combination with the Genus Focus will enable Hendrix Genetics to offer in-ovo sexed day-old layer chicks to the German- and Dutch markets further enhancing its value proposition for the poultry industry. 

“We are delighted with the new hatchery and Genus Focus in Germany. This will enable us to fulfill the 5*D approach and deliver German day-old chicks to our customers. The demand for our excellent brown and white products is very high, particularly Dekalb White.” said Alex Janssen, commercially responsible for HGL Deutschland GmbH.

The Genus Focus is based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and offers a high-throughput, non-invasive method for sexing poultry eggs of all breeds. It combines advanced imaging and classification technology with expert automation equipment, enabling real-time sex determination of poultry embryos on day 12 of incubation and before. 

Dr. Lotte van de Ven (Vencomatic Group, CEO) congratulates Vepymo for selecting Genus Focus as the contactless, highly automated solution for in-ovo sexing, reflecting the need of the industry to find the right balance between operational efficiencies and animal-friendly solutions. "Implementing this technology at Hendrix Genetics Layers Deutschland improves efficiency and aligns with current animal welfare regulations, including those set forth by KAT standards (the German Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry)."

Dr. Pedro Gomez (Orbem, CEO) says, “HGL Deutschland’s adoption of the Genus Focus, our AI-powered MRI technology, marks a significant step forward for the poultry industry, showcasing the advantages of in-ovo sexing technology that is highly automated, contactless, and works  for all breeds.”

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Hendrix Genetics is a leading multi-species animal breeding company with primary activities in layer-, turkey-, swine-, aquaculture -and traditional poultry breeding. Hendrix Genetics provides expertise and resources to animal protein producers in more than 100 countries, with operations and joint ventures in 25 countries and more than 3,000 employees.

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Orbem builds towards a sustainable and healthy future by unleashing AI-powered imaging. They revolutionize the poultry industry by introducing contactless egg classification and analytics for all breeds, empowering their clients with data-driven decisions for production optimization. Present in four countries, Orbem imagines new frontiers for their clients and partners through non-invasive in-ovo sexing, phenotyping, and fertilization status detection. 

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