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"My experience is valuable in the role of Project Manager"

2 min read published on 29 September 2022
Jesse van Gerwen

"I started at the company in January 2011. I first worked in the workshop, in logistics and in engineering, now I am Project Manager. I enjoy having the final responsibility on a project, but I also want to know everything about the projects. With my background in the field, I can help colleagues and customers well, I have handled all materials at least once."

Jesse van Gerwen is Project Leader at Vencomatic Group, he knows the practice well because of his previous work in practice. But he also likes it at the company: "The flexibility and freedom is very enjoyable here, as Project Leader you are the link between company and market. That is very valuable."

So you like the role of Project Leader?

"The great thing about being a Project Leader is that you can help people move forward, preferably by helping them realise their dream. That naturally includes small jobs, such as practical problems you have to solve. If that is in healthy proportion to the things that are going well, it's OK. We always reach our end goal, if necessary via other routes such as the Service or Sales departments. As Project Manager, you work with many departments, you are really a spider in the web."

"My working day usually starts with screening my mailbox, if there are any urgencies in there I pick them up immediately. And if I need other people, I immediately ask them for help. Then I make a schedule based on priorities, making sure the current projects are actually running. For example, calling a supervisor to see if everything is going well, or a dealer. But making quotations and drawings is also a fun part of the job."

How do you like working at Vencomatic Group?

"I have never regretted applying to Vencomatic, you have good career opportunities here -apparently- and a lot of freedom to do what you find important. If you make sure your things go the way you want and everyone is happy, everything is fine. With that, of course, you have to pay attention to cultural differences, in Germany customers are very different from those in America."

"I am responsible for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Baltic States and Sweden. I speak pretty good German, but don't let my old German teacher listen in, haha. I don't think the prepositions are always right..."

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