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"We always develop products together with the customer"

2 min read published on 30 September 2022
Paul Janssen

"You are also encouraged here as an R&D employee to visit farmers regularly, all the info from the field is valuable. We then talk about their operations, but also what we are working on and what can be improved."

Paul Janssen is Developer R&D at Vencomatic Group, he deliberately visits customers regularly: "At a test customer in Belgium, for example, we are constantly learning about the Pegasus, for us as R&D it is important to keep that finger on the pulse. A good relationship with customers is of course important."

How long have you worked here now?

"I've been here for about 15 years now, since 2007. I started with an internship from the MTS, and then stuck around. I've always been in the R&D department, in my first weeks I hung out with Gerard van Kesteren a lot, I've learned a lot from him."

"I especially like the freedom in the department, and the variety in the work. I am now working with the Air Care, before that with the Pegasus and before that with the Patio. It's the variety that makes it fun, working on new products all the time. And also the production processes; you make a Pegasus very differently from the Patio."

What did you develop yourself?

"I supported the technical development of the Grando Castle myself. The product manager lays down the requirements, based on which we make a prototype, a 'Proof of First Model'. We build that and assess it as a team, make improvements and then you start looking for test customers. You then meet there regularly of course, you want to learn from practice. Every farmer is also different, some are very critical. That's not always nice, but for the quality of the product it is of course very important."

"I don't work from home, always in the office. There I can concentrate better and have colleagues around me. You can also test something faster to see if something works. I grab a coffee, have a chat and get to work on the project I'm working on. I am always most productive in the morning, so I often shift the less important things to the afternoon. In the morning I prefer carry out work, do tests and so on."

What is it like to work here?

"I think Vencomatic Group is a nice employer, you get a lot of responsibility. Working hours are flexible and days off are never difficult if you coordinate them with colleagues. But also the parties and get-togethers are always nice. I don't live far from here either, which I also find pleasant."

"I also think the family feeling here is very important, it is a family business but it also really feels like a family. The directors don't feel more than the rest, and if someone in the department has a problem, the colleagues always want to help solve it. We then put our shoulders to the wheel together, like you would in a family."

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