Meeting rooms in Eersel? "We like to welcome people in the largest egg in the world".

3 min read published on 1 February 2022
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"Our campus in Eersel is, in my view, a unique building, in an easily accessible location next to the motorway. It's the largest egg in the world; unique in design, in sustainability and in the possibilities it offers.  This applies to the employees, but also to people from outside the poultry world who are looking for meeting rooms in Eersel, for example. I am happy to receive them." 

Theo Blox is Host at the Venco Campus, he regularly receives groups who want to rent meeting rooms or a conference room, or who just want to see the company. But according to Theo, it is more than that: "My function as host is broader than giving a tour, I inform and give guests an experience in the beautiful world of poultry. They have to go home with the feeling that their time at the Venco Campus has been useful, then I've done my job well." Do you want us to contact you about this subject?

Which meeting rooms can you rent as an outsider?

"People from outside the poultry world can also rent rooms from us. The auditorium, for example, a kind of cinema where they can give presentations for up to 110 people. They have access to flip charts, a beamer and all audio possibilities. So it is also suitable for organising conferences. We have two instruction rooms where we can receive groups of 20-30 people and some smaller meeting rooms. Plus a canteen where 200 people can eat or drink something. This can be extended on the beautiful terrace by the pond."

"The special thing about the Venco Campus is of course that people work there. It's a building where production takes place and where you can get a guided tour to see how the Vencomatic production process goes from A to Z. We are all very proud of what we do, you will notice that as a visitor." 

What does your role as host entail for people looking for meeting space in Eersel?

"Together with the back office and some volunteers, I guide interested people from the moment they register until they say goodbye at the end of their visit. At the first contact we tell them about the possibilities of our meeting rooms and during their visit we guide them. They can indicate their wishes on the website, but they can also simply call or e-mail. Then we take them by the hand, as it were, and explain what the possibilities are. We help with all the questions there are!" 

"Our founder Cor van de Ven always wanted to make the Venco Campus accessible for everyone, to give attention to the latest, sustainable developments in the poultry world. This starts immediately upon entering the most sustainable production building in Europe. For example, we invite many schools, including primary schools. We love that, it gets them interested in what we do and they come back later as a trainee or even as an employee."

What do you like as a host at the Venco Campus?

"I especially like meeting new people and showing them around the Venco Campus. I've known the company for more than 25 years, so I can already tell a lot about it. I'm also very enthusiastic about it and try to convey that to the visitors. I also like to show our utmost efforts in what we do for sustainability and animal friendliness in the chicken world."

"I get a lot of different groups visiting, from all sorts of poultry backgrounds. Apart from customers and schools, I also like to receive associations and networks that have nothing to do with 'chickens' but show an interest in them. Or people who are just looking for a meeting or instruction room in Eersel." 

"I hope that all the guests have had a good day. That they go home with the feeling that they have spent a useful day. Given my experience and age, I think I can do that, and that I also enjoy it. Because that is also important, of course, haha."

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