Layer nomination project of the year 2021

Vencotec GmbH - Moos Butzen

Name: Moos Butzen

Customer: Butzen GmbH & Co. KG

Country: Germany

Partner: Vencotec GmbH, Mark Breyer & Stefan Paletta

VMG: Rik van de Ven

Products: Bolegg Terrace 2011, Vencoperch, Meggsius Select, Meggsius Detect, Prinzen Speedpack, PS4 stacker, Pallet Loader, Prinzen 50 and Ovoprint

Moos Butzen 1 Moos Butzen 2 Moos Butzen 3 Moos Butzen 4
Moos Butzen 1 Moos Butzen 2 Moos Butzen 3 Moos Butzen 4


Customer is a packing station operator, connecting egg farmers with food retailers. It was essential for the customer that we could offer a total package, with dedicated, on-site contact and service options.

Project success

The close cooperation between Vencotec and Vencomatic Group was essential and recognized by the customer as a true benefit. The project was completed 100% according to plan and budget. The open and transparent way of cooperating was valued by the customer. It became a ‘best in class’ project showcasing a 160,000 laying hens poultry house installation incl. the latest Meggsius innovations. This project has already helped to open more doors for other projects in Germany.

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