ECO-Unit-800-(1) ECO-Unit-(5) ECO-Unit-800-(5) ECO-Unit-(drawing)
ECO-Unit-800-(1) ECO-Unit-(5) ECO-Unit-800-(5) ECO-Unit-(drawing)

ECO Unit 800

With the ECO Unit you can fully control the minimum ventilation in your house. Via aeration tubes brings the ECO Unit fresh preheated air at bird level. This directly results in an enhanced wellbeing of the bird.

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Healthy birds

In the ECO Unit 800 heat exchanger exchanges the heat from the warm air taken from inside the house with fresh air from outside. Thanks to the counter flow air stream and the 8 meter long channels it achieves a superior thermal efficiency of 80%. Intelligent software governs this technology and is developed based on a thorough understanding of climate control in poultry houses.

The preheated air is distributed directly under the bird and onto the manure belt. This leads to:

  • excellent and healthy microclimate in all weather conditions;
  • ​optimizing the drying of the manure;
  • decreasing its humidity resulting in low ammonia emissions;
  • ensuring healthy birds.

The fresh air distribution system of the ECO 800 can be equipped as a combi system, that allows you to choose the way the fresh air is distributed in the house. For example, in broiler breeder houses the air is normally brought under the nest above the manure to dry the manure, however during nighttime when the birds sleep on the slats this can cause draughts. The combi system uses a T-piece air distribution system with circulation fans.

With the ECO Unit 800 you create a perfect and constant climate in the house resulting in optimal bird performance.

The ECO Unit can be extended with a post heating unit to get even better results during the colder periods. Conditioned air from the heat exchanger is brought to the desired temperature with the integrated heater before bringing it in the house. This enables you to control the temperature in the house and improve the performance of your bird. This design allows you to use the ECO Unit 800 all year round. For rearing houses this also means that additional heaters in the house are no longer needed, because the ECO Unit provides the complete heating.

The ECO unit can cool the incoming air under warm weather conditions. The principle that used for this is “indirect-evaporative-cooling”, by evaporating water is the outgoing air stream, it cools the air down and the resulting cold is transferred to the incoming air in ECO Unit. The incoming air itself is not humidified. This can result in a cooling up to 12 degrees. By blowing this cool air into the aeration tubes directly beneath the animals, a relatively cool microclimate is created. That provides of comfort for the hens during warm weather and ensures better productivity.

The ECO Unit can be equipped with an automatic cleaning system, this is the same system as the cooling system. The dust that remains in the ECO Unit is discharged by means of a built-in washing installation, it keeps the unit clean and heat optimal. The condensation that forms in ECO Unit is stored and reused for washing, it kept the water consumption on a minimum level.





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