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"The Product Manager has a central role at Vencomatic Group"

1 min read published on 29 September 2022
Victor van Wagenberg

"The working day of a Product Manager is very diverse. You have internal days with a lot of consultation, mainly about the product range: what it looks like, or how we are going to market it. An external day is usually at a customer: consultation or looking at a prototype. Or at a university or other organisation. You have a central role, you connect the inside world with the outside world."

Victor van Wagenberg is the Team Leader of the Product Management Department at Vencomatic Group. Like many Team Leaders at the company, he has his own area: "There are four Product Managers in my department, including myself. This is because, as Team Leader, I am also responsible for our climate products."

Why is the job of a Product Manager diverse ?

"As a Product Manager, you have a lot of customer contact; you are outside a lot. That is also important for the job: knowing what the customers want, and at the same time knowing what is going on within the organisation. Those worlds have to come together in our products. And that's what we're doing."

"I have been working at Vencomatic for 15 years; in between I spent a few years with another employer. I like it here: we have an open and honest team, enthusiastic and with healthy discussions. It is nice to work here."

What do you like about the work?

"I like working on sustainable solutions for the poultry sector . I work with nice people, beautiful products and interesting technologies . I really believe we can make a difference. I studied Agricultural Engineering in Wageningen, and did my PhD research on pigs. Almost the same processes and challenges are at play there."

"The company is enjoyable to work for, because it is a family business and investments are therefore more sustainable. Many decisions are made on trust, you don't have to calculate everything to the decimal point. This trust is perhaps the most important thing for me in an employer, I have a good time here."

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