"A palletiser for eggs is a very good solution"

1 min read published on 5 September 2021
palletiser for eggs

"The new Prinzen palletiser is very user-friendly, everyone can work with it. At the weekend we have students working on the egg belt, it is also 'supereasy' for them."

At Eierfarm Stals, they recently installed a new Prinzen Palletiser 110, after good experiences with the first model: "We now work at least half an hour a day faster. Especially when the hens are a bit older, one man can manage the eggs of 60.000 hens. The work is also lighter now, you don't have to carry so many piles. But the big advantage is that the machine only loads one pallet at a time, which fits better into the work process. This allows you to get away from the packer for a while."Do you want us to contact you about this subject?

Why a second palletiser?

"We had already started a trial with the first version of your palletiser at our site in Ospel. After six months the final version was installed, which we liked so much that we decided to install a new palletiser at our location in Heusden. It has been there for a month now and it saves us a lot of work."

"In our Heusden location we also have a Prinzen Speedpack, those machines work together seamlessly. We probably won't want any other brand, the speed is high and the service from Vencotec Wouters is fantastic. They respond very quickly to breakdowns, but Prinzen also responds quickly."

"The contact with Prinzen and Vencomatic is good, they have helpful people with a lot of knowledge. They don't send you from pillar to post; they deal with issues effectively. I have a lot of contact with Frank Bakermans, who does everything for his customers. Vencomatic Group has a lot of knowledge in all areas, you notice that every time you talk to them.

What does Eierfarm Stals do?

"We are a layer farm with three locations: two with free-range chickens and one open. Thanks to our own feed factory, we can produce the feed ourselves and therefore quickly respond to changes. A nutritionist makes the feed recipes. We are also working on our own rearing."

"Everyone is equal at Eierfarm Stals, we do it all together. So we have a very flat organisation, drink coffee together and involve everyone in the whole thing. It works."

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