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"As a developer, I learn a lot from practice"

2 min read published on 29 September 2022
Dick van Bommel

"We are a close and young team at R&D, we always want to help each other move forward. Sometimes we are still working together in a poultry house in the evening to help each other out. But it feels good that your colleagues are always there for you. In that respect, the culture in the company is very strong."

Dick van Bommel is Developer at R&D, he has learned a lot in over 10 years: "I especially find the visits to customers very instructive, especially together with our animal specialists. When I started here I had never held a hen before, now I know a lot about animal behaviour. That way you quickly learn what to look out for, these days when I walk into a barn I immediately see and hear what's not right."

When did you start working at Vencomatic Group?

"I have been working at Vencomatic for exactly 10.5 years now. I know this for sure because my daughter was born just after I started here! I had some other employers before that, as for my education I did HTS mechanical engineering. I find engineering interesting, fortunately that is also amply included in my current position of Developer. These days I am also a Project Manager, developing is only part of my job."

"Fortunately, I still visit customers a lot, you can see the result of your work in practice then. The entire R&D department regularly visits customers; after the internal tests, we naturally want to see the practice. When customers are nearby, you can visit them a bit more often. But sometimes they are far away, in which case the trip takes a bit longer. On average, I am abroad once a month, some months often and sometimes not at all."

Do you have a speciality?

"So far, I've mainly been working on the Bolegg Gallery and the new Bolegg Terrace. Now I am working on the redesign of the Bolegg Starter. I do the whole process: from making sketches to full outlines, testing and implementation. If the concept gets approval, I am involved until the product is released on the market. And if that is in Canada, of course I have to go there."

"My working day is very varied: sometimes I'm in meetings from morning to evening, sometimes I'm just developing and outlining. That mainly depends on the stage of development, a new aviary system takes 3 years to develop. Since I became project leader, I also got involved in other projects and therefore have to discuss more."

How do you like Vencomatic Group as an employer?

"Vencomatic is a good employer, mainly because of the flexibility, responsibility and freedom you get. We can develop a lot of things on our own initiative, you get all the freedom to put your passion into it. Even if there's something going on at home, that's no problem, on the other hand I'm also very flexible myself."

"The cooperation with other departments is also enjoyable, because of my role within the company I work with almost all departments. That gives a lot of variety, but also the motivation to achieve a result together. When that works, it gives a lot of satisfaction."

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