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Think ahead with poultry people

For 40 years Vencomatic Group offers solutions in housing, egg handling and climate control for any type of poultry house.

John Bierens

Sales Director Europe

+31 (0)611322852

“I help my customers to create the most profit in their poultry house with more sellable eggs and less cost”

Jorge Bianchi

Sales Supervisor South America

+55 (0)19998136524

"I’d like to share my knowledge and help you make your company even more successful."

Jose Herrero

Poultry Specialist Mexico

+34 (0)639218084

"Each success of our clients is an amplifier of our brand"

Leandro Dalaio

Poultry Specialist

+55 (0)49991817911

Maikel Veron

Vice President Sales North, Central and South America

+31 (0)611721085

Mike Tian

National Sales Manager China

+86 (0)15910923021

“Always be the profit partner and the sustainable development partner of my customers.”

Paolo Econimo

Regional Sales Director CIS & Middle East

+39 (0)3452718184

Peter-Bart Lichtenbeld

Sales Director Africa

+31 (0)627003801

"The African continent is too big and important to pass up. We can be your partner to receive that goal."

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