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Egg packer machine: "Automated egg handling has a lot of advantages" [VIDEO]

1 min read published on 9 August 2021

"The Prinzen 70 that is currently in operation has been an excellent choice because of the easy egg handling, the low maintenance, minimal errors and the way it performs the packing and the setting of the final product."

Ezequiel Casillas Padilla is the administrator of Laguna Colorada, a family farm in the North of Mexico. A few years ago they decided to automate the packing of their eggs with a Prinzen 70 egg packing machine, which was a good decision according to Ezequiel.

When did you install this egg packing machine?

"In 2015 we started a process of automation in our egg farms, we were staying in the process of collecting eggs only without packing the egg. We made the decision to test the Prinzen 70 and that's how we made the decision to add packing machines to our production lines."

"The reduction of broken eggs while packing is bordering on perfection and gives a better spread of the final product. With this machine, the packing has helped us with the errors that we had in the past with points down setting, minimized almost to the extent of eliminating them."

Did the Prinzen 70 help you with reducing costs?

"The speed of the Prinzen 70 has allowed us to utilize the staff in other work until some people have been removed from the packing area, so the machines have brought us a lot of solutions regarding the personnel. We have had a better presentation of our product and the claims have decreased considerably."

"From the moment of the inclusion of this equipment in the farm, the team of Prinzen and their distributors have had a close contact with our company and that helps us to have a lot of confidence in this supplier. Even being many kilometers away from the main factory, Prinzen has a good distribution chain and supply of spare parts and service."

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